The project briefing was to rehabilitate a single family house in an advanced state of degradation. The ruin implied the anarchic and unarticulated spatial appropriation that was motivated by the multiple types of occupation and uses the building went through, remaining only as original the main facade.
The owner brought to us a set of new premises related to the contemporary ways of living.
We felt that this transition should be mild instead of imperative.
It was explored a sense of light anchored to the vertical acesses organized through half floors. The typology defines itself through programatic affinities at each half distance, defining the public and private uses through materiality and light geometries. 
Project info:
Type: Housing
Area: 150 sqm
Location: Braga, Portugal
Year: 2012—2017

Team: Ivo Vaz Barbosa, José Martins, Marta Machado
Photography: Carlos Lobo