BIRD HOUSE: the nature of things
a. Momentum
the transition between the name of the installation and the conceptual image  leads us to the question, the unexpected momentum.
b. Metaphor
the absence of a comparative conjunction, the use of the expressive resource means to dismantle the embedded archetypes.
c. Place
the physical site of this piece is on one’s intellectual space to accept it.  
d. Composition
the contemporary order: Base; Shaft; Capital.
e. Emotion
there is a sense of appropriation of Louise Bourgeois’ work although we have no explanation for it; we have no rational explanation about our proposal.
Type: Installation
Size: ø 5,00m; h: 3,00m
Location: Undisclosed
Year: 2018

Team: Ana Limbado, José Martins, Marta Machado, Marta Nogueira
3D image: Okdraw