This 2500sqm site is very particular since the legal construction area was oriented into a North corner in a just 355sqm. By imposing regulatory distances on neighboor buildings, the house geometry start to be defined by default.
We knew that the typology would be linear and due to the proximity of the neighbor to the South, we blinded this facade. To the North, the facade opens up to it's full length over 2300sqm terrain where nothing could be built. A internal corridor starts to be defined as a longitudinal link over the total extension of the house and we felt it was important to work on this "unloved typology piece". More than an access, we started to deconstruct the corridor in it's width and height, following the natural unevenness of the terrain; plus the natural internal program sequence.

Project info:
Type: Housing
Area: 480 sqm
Location: Guimarães, Portugal
Year: 2021—

Team: Hugo Santoalha, Joana Moreira, José Martins, Miguel Pereira