Functional shell

The building had a lot of strange signs on it as concrete slabs crossed with a spoiled wood structure in a single floor; concrete extensions over a medieval city wall covering a garden; or different heights on each floor located at the intersection with the main stairs.
Researching about the historic context of the building, we realized that the building had been greatly altered without order nor criterion over the last two decades.
The proposal had to fix specific areas of the structure and reprogram the main vertical access that allowed each floor to have an interior private connection, not integrated into the existing staircase as it was before.
Freeing the light fronts and fixing the social/private area there, the project pointed all the house functions in the center of its extension, the shadow area. We looked for an attribute to define this area with a shell that incorporated all the functions (toilet, laundry, kitchen, wardrobe) and wanted to transport it into the atmosphere of the main staircase.
Architecture: Martins Architecture Office
Team: José Martins, Marta Machado, Marina Carbia, Barbora Babocká, Hugo Santoalha
Program: Housing
Size: 370,00 m2
Locations: Braga, Portugal
Status: On going
Year: 2017-
Model photography: NUDO