Curtain Over a Window

An irregular pre-existence of 27m² where the walls have irregular angles between each other enhanced by a height that questions the proportionality of the space in which a person would feel comfortable. The space has two street fronts with a great slope, the project sought to understand the model of approach to the store and what reading this confined and high space could cause as we get closer.
We explored the idea of a curtain over the window that at a high point of the street emphasized the ceiling geometries highlighting the entrances. Playing with the ceiling allowed us to control the scale of the interior space.
Towards an impossibility of execution of a wooden bark on the existing walls that explored the notion of interior scale, integration of shelves and atmosphere it was explored the stone texture and the apparent backing of metallic pieces lined with traditional tiles.
Architecture:Martins Architecture Office
Team:José Martins, Marta Machado, Miguel Pereira, Ana Limbado
Size:27 m2
Location:Guimarães, Portugal
Photography:© NUDO