Urban sheet

Urban Sheet is a proposal that intends to re-think the city-entrance of Guimarães through an mistreated urban void, a grove with a right typology in the wrong place, called Alameda Dr. Mariano Felgueiras.
Framed by a car-bridge wight Fernando Távora understood as a frame for the city, we begin to understand the different speeds, scales and perceptions as we approach to the area of intervention.
The proposal is designed as a sheet which is adorned through the ground floor plan proposing a all new city typology, allowing visual connections over the city topography, and streamlining the object’s relationship.
From the ground floor it’s proposed an environmental layer extending to a Northern strategy of the city; the upper level, proposes a surface that can adapt to an urban program directly connected to the consolidated city. 

* Urban sheet is part of a strategy (w/ Surface cover) proposed to redefine the urban entrance of Guimarães city, through a public vs private logic that would deal together with a common interest.
Architecture: Martins Architecture Office
Team: José Martins, Marta Machado, João Ferreira, Jonathan Fernandes
Type: Idea
Program: Urban Space
Size: 10 600 m2
Location: Guimarães, Portugal
Status: Idea
Year: 2015