Surface cover

The project purpose was to redefine the building's image with a non-evasive intervention due to the multi-functional typologie(mall, bus station, taxi rank and car parking).
The existent building is 20 years old and marks the collective memory as it defines one of the most used city entrances.
It was proposed a metallic offset that regularizes the block (geometry) giving it atributes as a promotor of (local) Public Art besides being a commercial surface that grantes its financial necessities.

* Surface cover is part of a strategy (w/ Urban sheet) proposed to redefine the urban entrance of Guimarães city, through a public vs private logic that would deal together with a common interest.  
Architecture: Martins Architecture Office
Team: José Martins, Marta Machado, João Ferreira, Marcelo Carvalho, Jonathan Fernandes
Type: Idea
Program: Mall
Size: 10 900 m2
Location: Guimarães, Portugal
Status: Idea
Year: 2015