(53) Sixty piles of bricks

We were invited to think an installation in a ruin that was the former municipal slaughterhouse located in the eastern area of Oporto in the process of having a major transformation. As a celebration of its history, there was an international architecture event - Archi-Summit 2016 - occupying part of the space, in the areas without security risk.
The great corridor that crosses the building was the place chosen to intervene and that would serve as an advertising exhibition that financed the event.
The project used sixty piles of bricks - as one of the materials available from the sponsoring companies - creating a sinuous circuit in the space, an adapted gesture to the melancholy and the forgetfulness of this building. As a finishing touch to the piles-exhibiting surface, we used a mirror to show the identity of the roof structure and contiguous facades. 
Architecture: Martins Architecture Office w/ Brandão Costa Lima
Team: Amélia Brandão Costa, Ana Moura, Jonathan Fernandes, José Martins, Marta Machado, Rodrigo Costa Lima
Type: Commissioned
Program: Installation
Size: 956,00 m2
Location: Oporto, Portugal
Status: Concluded
Year: 2016