Industrial block

The intervention site was a textile factory integrated on an industrialized context. The new industrial block is conceptualized as a single urban unit that could be constructed in phases allowing the investor some flexibility without despising the urban condition.
The building shape is defined by the legal perimeter constrains using the pure geometric form to design a inner square patio which stabilizes the building geometry. This interior void articulates the building operational flows where the loading circuits and car parking take place. It is proposed a green presence around the building which stabilizes the reading of the built mass, also giving urban inputs in order to infect this industrial area. 
Architecture: Martins Architecture Office w/ Atelier Carvalho Araújo
Architect in charge: José Manuel Carvalho Araújo
Team: José Manuel Carvalho Araújo, Joel Moniz, José Martins, Alexandre Branco, Hugo Carvalho Araújo, César Pereira
Type: Competition - 1st prize
Program: Industrial
Size: 14.000 m2
Location: Rio Tinto, Portugal
Status: On going
Year: 2014-