Dukla of sports

In order to grasp the vision(s) for the Czech sports city of Pardubice the proposal aims to improve the given area as a layered group of arenas and programmatic zones created out of several new volumes. From leisure to national sporting activities, the whole area of the actual Dukla Grounds will engage various buildings maintaining relations with the former surroundings as well as boosting other levels of urban and space commitments.
The ultimate goal of this architectural ensemble is to involve either professional or amateur athletes, to associate both young and elderly population, and to mix outer spectators/visitors with local dwellers. 
Architecture: Martins Architecture Office
Team: José Martins, Marta Machado, Sara Pertile, Ana Moura, João Rosmaninho
3Dvisualization: Lucas Silva / Visualização de Arquitetura
Type: Competition “Dukla of Sports”
Program: Sports Complex
Size: 19.250,00 m2
Location: Pardubice, Czech Republic
Status: Idea
Year: 2016